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Brass Machine Screws  Fasteners Nut Cold Forged and Bar Turned

 Material EN 12164 BS 2874 - CZ 114 BS 2874 - CZ 115 c345, C 353, CDA 36000, CW 614n, cuzn36pb2, cuzn39pb3 & cuzn36pb3. C 675,cz 114, cz 115, en 12165 CW 721 r & CW 722r.
 Standards ISO, IS, DIN, ANSI, JIS, BS Standard
 Threads ISO Metric, BSW Threads, BA Threads, BSF Threads
 Size 1/8" to 5/16"
2 MM to 8mm
3/16 to 6
4 MM to 150 MM
 Features Machine Screws are often used with nuts or driven into tapped holes.
Brass is suitable where corrosion resistance is a primary consideration
Pan head allows for higher tightening torques
Phillips drive is designed to cam out under too much torque
Coarse threads are better for brittle materials, and will assemble and disassemble more quickly than fine threads.
Application Control Panels, Switchgears, Electronics
Construction, Panel Mfg

Types of Screws

Brass Cheese Head Screws
Brass Round Head Screws
Brass Pan Head Screws
Brass Counter Sunk Head Screws
Brass Pan Phillips Head Screws
Brass Raised Head Screws
Brass Knurling Screws
Brass Flat Head Screws







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